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I have been passionate about guitars for a number of years now.  My earliest recollection, was being introduced to guitars by my late father, aged around 10.  He had played some guitar and always remember one being in the house.

In my school years, I took classical guitar lessons, then moving to electric bass and “upright” in various Jazz bands, even performing at The Royal Albert Hall, for The Schools’ Proms Competition, circa 1989.  We got into the final and yes, won!

Alas, growing up as one of the rarer 10% of the population being left-handed, finding the right instrument was almost impossible.  It was here, I decided to make a guitar during my Craft Design & Technology lessons at school.  Thereafter, many more guitars would follow…

Following school, some opportunities arose, where I could learn more about making guitars – firstly at what was The London College of Furniture, then after University at Patrick Eggle Guitars, in the early ’90s.  For whatever reasons, these went on the back-burner, as I embarked on a career in the IT Industry, lasting over 20 years, until the lure of making guitars became ever stronger…

After a number of years of making basses, electrics and finally acoustics, I now see myself primarily occupied, crafting bespoke one-off acoustic steel-string guitars.

So, the ethos on my guitars is simple – the emphasis is focused on creating individual instruments that connect with the artist, just as the artist connects with their audience and an instrument that sounds great, feels great and looks great, constructed from quality tonewoods.

And as my instruments develop, I take inspiration from many things around me, to create the guitars that I know and love today, and that journey continues, ever evolving.

handmade in England, using nature’s finest tonewoods

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