Here’s some nice feedback about my guitars…

I have to share this photo of a guitar currently under construction by my FB friend and Luthier AJ Williams who constructs handmade guitars in Kent. There are many advanced Luthiers making serious works of art costing upwards of £15,000, and those are works of art that are out of reach of anyone other than the select 1% of the human population.

What I like about AJ’s guitars are that I feel we are watching a Luthier developing, getting better and better and closer and closer to reaching his true potential, the guitars are getting more and more detailed but for now at least they remain player’s instruments (not the sole preserve of collectors), and are within the reach of most serious players. I like the woodiness of them, the real beauty is the wood itself as this picture demonstrates, but also notice the artwork carved into the wood. The craft of the Luthier is to find the right wood and to bring it out in all its glory both in terms of sight and sound.

Modesty, understatement and subtlety, the guitar and the Luthier…

(Narius Patel – Guitarist)

I can’t put this guitar down… – James Kirby

BTW, really enjoying the guitar you setup for me.  Best Regards, Paul.

(Paul Howard – Guitarist)